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Kazimierz Bartel ( 1882–1941)

  1. Roman Duda


Kazimierz Bartel (1882–1941)

The article is devoted to the life of Kazimierz Bartel, a scholar and a politician. The author presents all stages of his biography: from school and university days, through the story of a young scholar from the Lviv University of Technology and soldier taking part in three wars (First World War, Polish-Ukrainian, Polish-Bolshevik War), to that of asocial and political activist in independent Poland (a career crowned with premiership, which he held several times). The biography ends with the tragedy of the occupation. Kazimierz Bartel was one of the best known victims of the Massacre on the Wulka Hills, perpetrated by the Germans in July 1941. The description of the story of Kazimierz Bartel is accompanied by references to the stories of members of his family.
Translated by Anna Kijak

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Wrocławskie Studia Wschodnie

19, 2015

Strony od 263 do 273

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