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Источники по истории польской политической ссылки на Алтай в XIX в. ( 20-е–первая половина 90- х гг.)

  1. Irina N. Nikulina


Sources for the study of the history of Polish political exiles to the Altai in the 19th century (1820s–first half of the 1890s)

The author of the article discusses various groups of published and unpublished sources (official documents, guides, private documents — memoirs and letters) in Russian and Polish, as well as scholarly studies that can be used to investigate the history of Polish political exiles to the Altai Krai between the 1820s and first half of the 1890s, to establish their number, places of residence, class structure, financial status, type of work, relations with the administration and the indigenous population as well as the exiles’ impact on the development and life of the region. The author emphasises the need for a comprehensive analysis of all groups of sources.

The sources relating to the history of Polish exiles to the Altai Krai are quite varied. Only their comprehensive analysis, including analysis of previously unknown material, will provide insights into the history of Polish exiles to the Altai.

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Wrocławskie Studia Wschodnie

19, 2015

Strony od 187 do 197

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