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Суспільно- політичне життя українців на території Холмщини і Південного Підляшшя 1935– 1939 рр.

  1. Jurij Perga


The social and political life of Ukrainians in Southern Podlasie and Chełm region in 1935–1939

The author analyses questions relating to the political and social functioning of the Ukrainian community living in the south-eastern part of the pre-war Lublin Province. Towards the end of the peaceful existence of the Second Polish Republic this was an area marked by a growing ethnic conflict. On the one hand, the administration was increasing its pressure aimed at Polonising the population, and on the other, the most important Ukrainian political groups vied for influence over that population. A background for the events was provided by an evolution of the Polish-Ukrainian relations, marked on the one hand by the “normalisation” proclaimed publicly in 1935 and on the other by worsening of the relations, a spectacular manifestation of which was the so-called restitution campaign against the Orthodox Church conducted in the analysed region.
Translated by Anna Kijak

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Wrocławskie Studia Wschodnie

19, 2015

Strony od 155 do 172

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