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Zasługi Andrzeja Korwackiego dla sadownictwa w Melitopolu (na Ukrainie południowo-wschodniej)

  1. Helena Krasowska


Andrzej Korwacki’s contribution to the developmentof pomiculture in Melitopol (south-eastern Ukraine)

The article presents an outline of the biography of Andrzej Korwacki, an eminent surgeon and initiator of pomiculture on the sandy lands around Melitopol. Korwacki is one of those figures who made a significant contribution to Ukraine’s economic development.

The Korwacki family had its coat-of-arms, its history and its dignity. After the political changes following the November Uprising, the family often moved from place to place. Andrzej’s father, Wacław, had to battle adversity already as a twelve-year-old child, looking for a safe haven in which he could survive. Andrzej, an eminent surgeon, was born as one of eleven children in the family. He is an example of how big a role Poles played in the life and culture of other nations. It is worth noting that he is one of many such figures in the region. They are important to our culture, because, regardless of historical events, they were able to play a significant role.

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Wrocławskie Studia Wschodnie

15, 2011

Strony od 91 do 97

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